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We learned from talking with homeowners that they only feel like they have two residential paving options. One option is to pay an inflated price to a company that does not want to travel from a centralized location. The other was to give the job to a low-bid company with no previous work history or track record of integrity if things should go wrong.

We were also surprised to find out that our competition was not providing services that we define under basic information the customer should have. Other companies do not offer customers load tickets. Every property owner should have the option to see that the amount of the material they want on their property is the amount being purchased and laid down. More surprising is that other paving contractors do not offer a two-year warranty.

The essential sealcoat treatment for any asphalt surface should be applied one-year after new pavement installation. If you choose to wait longer than that one year, you are taking years of life off of your pavement down the road. Every manufacturer, dealer, and product agrees that the single best thing you can do to preserve your pavement is to lay the first coat a year later. Therefore, when signing up for a paving job with ADC, if you choose to have us sealcoat one year following your paving job, we offer a two-year warranty. The first sealcoat is a process that most paving companies consider an essential strategy to maximize a homeowner’s investment, but there aren’t many contractors with the capability to offer a two-year warranty. We at ADC specialize in it. We have designed both our paving and sealcoating fleets to serve that expectancy of property owners who take pride in their land.

The purchase of asphalt pavement should also provide a return on investment for the customer. We provide custom lifecycle plans for each client and supply resources they can access at any time. We update our customers throughout the entirety of the job, and our foreman reviews each project upon completion, providing easily accessible material on what to expect and when they will hear from us next.

When you love what you do and where you live, work with people who consistently show respect, and enjoy meeting your neighbors, you feel lucky to own a paving business.

We look forward to meeting you and assisting you with your asphalt paving needs.

-ADC Paving

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