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Asphalt Paving, Asphalt Repair, and Pavement Maintenance has been our specialty since 1959. If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and efficient Pavement Contractor to tackle your projects, then you’ve come to the right place. With a diverse portfolio of contracting work, ADC has the experience to manage a large variety of different projects.


Asphalt Paving:
Pride In Our Services 

Our integrity and our people are our most significant assets. Doing what we say we are going to do by providing people the value they are paying for is our goal with every single job. Asphalt pavement is not an inexpensive product. We make sure that our customers are informed and appropriately educated on their specific needs for their asphalt parking lot or asphalt driveway. Our clients need to know they can count on us. They should be genuinely confident in our ability to perform and have added or sustained a valuable asset to their property. 

From a customer service perspective, from a project management perspective, from a quality perspective, we walk out of these doors every morning and aim to abide by a slogan that states, “No Bad Jobs.” That is something we live by. It does not merely stand for no bad paving jobs, maintenance jobs, or sealcoating jobs. It means the receptionist is answering the phone and being polite. Our customer service department responds promptly, and our crews in the field operate with integrity by doing the job you have been promised. That is our vision, goal, and the value we believe every customer deserves.  

Kevin Gray

President, ADC Paving


adherence to a code of moral or artistic value


devotion and loyalty to a cause


The team translates into our quality. We stress that if we want to be the best, we have to act like the best.



a strong liking or devotion



an act of giving attention