Asphalt Paving in Louisville: Building on History

In a continued effort to bring you the best paving and pavement solutions, we have decided to document some of our thoughts, processes, mentalities, and offerings so that you might be able to make an educated decision when it comes time for hiring a paving or pavement maintenance contractor. We hope that you will find our values to be a welcoming sight, especially in the construction and contractor world.

If you are looking to ADC Paving for pavement maintenance education, no matter the level of knowledge you are looking to obtain, the only place to start is with our history. ADC Paving has been serving the Louisville, Kentucky, Southern Indiana and the surrounding areas since 1959. Our current commercial paving services go well beyond the boundaries as, even within this last month we have performed large scale commercial jobs in both Evansville, Indiana and Clark County, Kentucky. We’ve traveled 600+ miles to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for a company that saw our values and presence in the paving community and they wanted to give us their business.

Up until 2017, ADC Paving was primarily serving Kentucky counties as a residential paving contractor. The company name was originally an acronym “Asphalt Driveways Company”.  Jack Wood, started the company in 1959 and ran a successful paving operation until his passing in 1980. At that point, my aunt took over and she was my mentor and gateway into my career and newfound passion. I was able to learn much of the day-to-day operations of how a proper construction, paving, and pavement maintenance company should operate. I will be eternally grateful for the time, opportunity, and knowledge she bestowed upon me

I truly look forward to sharing my story and experiences through this platform. Our Louisville paving service has moved well beyond the days of small driveway patch jobs and I am ever more driven to utilize modern technologies, a team I am proud of and the years of experience to provide our commercial clients a new level of expectation from a construction contractor. I simply could not do so without first giving tribute to those who have paved the way before me.


-ADC Paving

Paving Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana Since 1959

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