We just had our driveway expanded yesterday by the ADC team, and wow! It looks great! You can tell they really took their time and paid attention to details- they care about the finished product. They showed some tender loving care around my peach tree that I assumed they’d have to rip up. They even dug a little drainage line at the end of the original section of driveway to keep it from puddling in the rain, which we hadn’t even talked about but was awesome!

Be patient because they have to wait for good weather (nature of the beast with this type of work) but the end result is definitely worth it.

Stephanie Caverno


If you are looking to have some paving done, look no further than ADC Paving. They just finished repairing and repaving our 25-year-old driveway and we could not be happier. We were impressed from the moment they showed up in their clean trucks with all the necessary and well-maintained equipment and adequate staffing. The entire ADC team which included Morgan the estimator, Kimberly in the office, Dillon and his preliminary site work team, and Jake with his paving team all were very professional, honest, hardworking, and detail oriented.

They are a company of very high integrity! There was a small area in the work scope that we were not satisfied with and voiced our displeasure. Within three days there was a paving team here to take care of the problem area.

We highly recommend ADC Paving for all your paving needs

Jim Melwing


We are almost 1 year into our new driveway and it looks as amazing as the first day they did the job. Cindy was amazing to work with and handled the details of dealing with our split driveway and two payees with grace and patience for all of our questions. Kevin and Cindy came out to inspect our very large private drive with a decent size hill. They put us at ease with all of our concerns. The guys worked so fast and they did an amazing job. My kids love not having a gravel driveway anymore and I love being able to drive up the hill without it being washed away with each rain. We had neighbors calling about how ADC was to work with, and our response was always that we could not have been happier with the entire process. Thanks guys and Cindy!!

Ashley Root


Beyond Highly satisfied. I called around before I called ADC Paving and those other companies seemed shady and awkward when I talked to them. We’ve have a great experience with ADC since the beginning. Scheduling the estimate was easy with Sarah. I looked out my window the time Cindy was supposed to be here for the consultation and she was walking up my driveway. She was honest, upfront, informative, and just overall nice. The work the guys did led by Tony was incredible. They kept at it all day and got it done and it looks great.
There’s really no need to shop around. Thank you to everyone at ADC Paving!

Aaron Lemley


ADC did an asphalt job at my me and my Grandpa’s house. Chris and his team were very respectful, responsible, and professional l. They worked very hard to be sure the job got done right!



ADC Paving paved our driveway last Thursday and they did a great job from start to finish!! They showed up a week or two early and finished on about six hours. We couldn’t be more pleased with every aspect of the project. Looks beautiful and. . . .



We have worked with ADC for more than five years and we do not waste time making any additional phone calls in the Louisville market. Our team has 100% confidence in the abilities of Kevin, Josh, and the entire team at ADC. . . .



ADC Paving does the finishing details that I have not seen on the other neighbor’s driveways. Perfectly matched to the garage opening, sidewalks and street. They left the worksite spotless as well. At the very beginning of my driveway with concrete. . . .


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