Asphalt Paving Maintenance: ADC Paving in 2020

Asphalt paving is not necessarily a difficult concept to grasp. It is a compound of rocks, sand, and tar. You will, however, want to understand a few more things in depth if you have visions of providing a high-end, reliable product to commercial customers. Proper mixtures, the effects of ground and air temperatures, grading and drainage, weight and gravitational properties, protective maintenance compounds, and countless additional items only account for a portion. And though a faction of our business will always provide paving and maintenance services to residential projects of specific criteria, our knowledge base is grounded in commercial paving and property maintenance, and technology is now our vehicle.

Over the past few years, ADC Paving has become a leader in technological preparation for paving in the Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana region. On large scale jobs, we plan for weeks by making site visits, identifying potential problems, utilizing survey programs, and viewing drone footage. Then, we discuss every aspect as a team before we ever get to the job. My favorite part of using these technologies is educating our customers. Even during the bidding process, we pride ourselves in giving thorough information that is easy to understand. Our presentation will answer most of your questions about time frames, phasing, and final procedures making it easy for someone new to paving to follow and even present to others.

Project design and property beautification have become an obsession of not only myself, but of the ADC Paving staff as well. We have customized parking lots and had the pleasure of working with a variety of real estate agents, properties managers and groups, facilities managers, business owners, construction project specialists, multi-location parking lot jobs, educational institutions, community-based realities and more. It thrills me to be excelling in paving services for a variety of causes as each situation is unique and the business relationships that emerge are built to last.

I invite you to check out our services, testimonials, and social media outlets if you want to see our pride in action. We are ready for business and your partnership and would be excited to discuss becoming your partner in paving.

-ADC Paving

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