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ADC Paving has served Kentucky as a premiere exterior facilities manager since 1959. We offer a variety of specialities to better provide a full range of services as we look to become your one-stop-shop for all exterior management questions and needs. Properly educating our customers on the benefits of proper maintenance has been the key to our success. By understanding life-cycle costs you can keep your facilities beautiful and save money. Please view the information we have provided or contact us directly with any questions. We aim to provide business owners, properties managers and facilities managers the highest level of continued service in our community.Asphalt or a sealcoat is only as good as the base you put it on. One of the big things that we face with paving contractors that do subpar work usually lies in the preparation. We ensure that the sub-base and the sub-grade are constructed properly for us to build our pavement on top of. We make sure our lots are squeaky clean before we apply a sealcoat. We also have to ensure that the materials we use are top of the line and never compromised because we give the thickness in asphalt that customers deserve. Some of the competitors won’t and that’s how they make their margin, by skimping or watering down the material. When we stress quality, it’s not just in the people or the way we do things. It’s in giving customers the material that is expected from experts in the paving industry, and nothing less.

Commercial Paving and Maintenance

We insure our quality through ample amounts of training. Here at ADC our foremen know our standards. They know exactly what we expect and what the customer should expect. They take the time to make sure these jobs get installed properly with the right materials, with the right preparations, with the right equipment on time and on budget and that quality is met.

​ADC is absolutely capable of handling large scale commercial work. We’ve made a total investment in our capital, our equipment, our trucking, our man-power and we’ve done a lot of continuing education, conferences and on-site field training to complete large scale commercial work.

When people pull into a business and they see a good looking paving job and a great looking striping job, I think that immediately tells the customer that these people care about their business and their community. They care about their brand and their appeal to the outside world. That truly enhances the face of their business to the consumer.

Saving Money, Extending Life

“Most businesses own the property that they operate on and I look at it as a return on investment. It’s a huge part of the company’s property. Preserving that pavement, taking care of it and maintaining it increases the life cycle cost at their facilities while beautifying it.”


Residential Paving and Maintenance

To me it all goes back to return on investment for the customer and that includes beautification. A driveway is every bit the asset to the homeowner as the roof, windows, kitchen remodels, etc. It adds to the actual value of the home as well as to the curb appeal.

We believe that our services for a homeowner have many values. Whether the work is a pavement maintenance job or a full on pavement job… minor patchwork and a sealcoat to add some longevity to the pavement or a complete overlay or resurface of the current driveway. ADC has you covered.

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