Enthusiasm in the Workplace

As a small business owner, just like any human, you can often have sequences of demanding tasks that can derail enthusiasm. Concentration, dedication, planning, and hard work are more-than-acceptable substitutes and accomplices as enthusiasm alone is for people outside of the arena. You have to first show your team that you can stick to a plan and even alter plans with confidence for enthusiasm in business to work, especially if you look to foster happy, long-term employees. However, performing daily tasks is much more enjoyable when you can share your job and life enthusiasm with your coworkers.

Downplaying the role of enthusiam can be easy considering that there isn’t a line on any of our invoices that charge for eagerness, joyful outlook, or positive energy. But let’s not solely think of enthusiasm as a Richard Simmons goofiness or a highly-caffeinated lead cheerleader either. You can turn someones day or the tired energy of a demanding job around by practicing positive reinforcement and showing an energetic willingness to improvise.

You may find me singing a John Prine song or quoting the movie Step Brothers on both good and bad days. Still, enthusiasm to me is much more than playing air guitar when we are kicking ass. Even if you don’t consider yourself a motivator or extravert, one of the most important ways I show enthusiasm to my employees is by simply listening. By observing when an employee wants to communicate and then listening with intent, we become closer. Both of us feel more comfortable being ourselves and bringing our personality to the job site. Intently listening can also help a leader learn what type of enthusiasm a specific employee might respond well to. As you spend more time listening and learning about someone, a camaraderie will develop between you that can motivate a group of employees through a tough time and even allow more people to enjoy victories, both small and large.

I am very aware that enthusiasm can be overdone and that overdoing it leads to extended highs and therefore extended lows. I don’t think there are many people who would mistake my enthusiasm for lack of professionalism. However, providing evidence to my team that genuine enthusiasm can lead to our peak potential, as a company and individuals, resonates. A proactive and positive attitude mixed with hard work seems to create an atmosphere of personal and professional growth that is sustainable for us. When it comes down to it, when you see enthusiasm, you see someone enjoying what they are doing. There is no greater joy and responsibility to me than providing and fostering a workplace full of people who choose to bring that to the table. I am grateful for every one of them.

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