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Established in 1959, ADC Paving proudly stands as a family-owned and operated business in Crestwood, Kentucky. Our journey has been enriched by a dedicated team of employees who work collaboratively daily. This camaraderie forms the cornerstone of our operations, fostering a supportive environment that motivates us to provide the highest quality pavement servicing on every project, whether a large commercial parking lot, a residential driveway, or a municipal roadway. We’re wholly committed to our local property owners, nurturing ties with nearby business bureaus and paving associations.

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The team translates into our quality. We stress that if we want to be the best, we have to act like the best.

  • Our team’s commitment and dedication drive our passion for this business. Their unwavering efforts keep company leaders deeply invested in our daily operations.
  • Employing locally sourced, exceptional quality materials, we recycle unused asphalt materials from replacements and maintenance in order to save our clients money on their pavement services.
  • Valuing client education in asphalt, we empower them to comprehend our paving service timelines and the enhancements we bring to their property from inception to completion.

Explore Peaceful Crestwood, KY

Crestwood, Kentucky, is a charming town nestled in Oldham County. Its serene location attracts residents seeking a peaceful atmosphere. With a population hovering around 4,000, Crestwood offers a close-knit community feel. Founded in the early 19th century, the town’s history intertwines with Kentucky’s development.

Nature lovers find solace in the lush landscapes surrounding Crestwood, Kentucky. The Yew Dell Botanical Gardens boast diverse plant collections, a treat for horticulture enthusiasts. For a taste of history, the South Oldham Lions Club Historical Marker reveals the town’s past. The annual Arts and Crafts Festival showcases local talent and creativity, making it a great place for Kentuckians or visitors to experience.

Crestwood’s proximity to Louisville adds to its appeal, providing access to city amenities while maintaining its suburban allure. Its history, shaped by early settlers, is evident in its architecture and landmarks. Residents and visitors alike embrace the tranquility and community spirit that define Crestwood.

Crestwood Paving Projects – Recently Completed

Coming soon. Full details of a recent project in Crestwood. It included rip out and replace, new asphalt paving and line striping.

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