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In the Kentucky community of Shelbyville, ADC Paving is the number one asphalt company because of our quality parking lot, driveway, and roadway work as well as customer service, as we value all our property owners no matter the size of their property. We’re a family-owned and operated paving company that values every one of our employees, making sure they’re licensed and insured. Our experienced paving contractors have worked with commercial and residential Kentucky property owners to revitalize their properties and businesses with state-of-the-art pavement services. If you’re looking for paving experts to help you improve your property, give us a call today for an estimate!

Best Asphalt Company in Shelbyville, KY


The team translates into our quality. We stress that if we want to be the best, we have to act like the best.

  • Our company only uses the best available equipment, locally-sourced and exceptional materials, and recycled asphalt materials recovered from maintenance projects and pavement replacement.
  • The entire team works together to produce solutions instead of going in multiple directions; our company helps our employees achieve their professional and personal goals.
  • Our business is family-operated and owned since 1959; each of us is always grateful for our company employees who have become a part of our extended family.

Enjoy Beautiful Shelbyville, KY

The county seat of Shelby County, KY, Shelbyville, had a population of 17.282 as of the 2020 census. It was established in 1792 after a local landowner agreed to surrender 50 acres to the community and one free acre for public buildings. The local agricultural community produces corn, hemp, tobacco, wheat, pork, and beef.

The area is ripe with petting zoos, hay rides, distilleries, and other farm staples for the public. If you desire artisanal craft foods, the area is a great place to find this. From Jeptha Creed to Bulleit Distilling Co, there are plenty of places to enjoy local brews and food. Masterpieces Antique Mall is one of the best malls for finding antiques from every piece of American history, with multiple well-organized and well-situated booths for the casual or the discriminating purveyor of such goods. If you’re into rural fare and pieces of American history, Shelbyville is the place to visit today.

Recent Asphalt Paving Projects in Shelbyville

Coming soon! A description of our latest project in Shelbyville. On a local business we completed Asphalt patching, pavement maintenance and parking lot striping. More info to come!

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