Paving Crew and The Deal with Weather

Standing on top of, or even being anywhere near, 300-degree asphalt while it is being laid down immediately supplies you with a healthy respect for what asphalt paving workers go through. Add 90 degrees of heat from the sun and a blanket of humidity and even the toughest humans and elite athletes might be ready to throw in the towel. Keeping my employees happy and healthy has been paramount, especially if we want to hit our goals for the year.

As a business owner, it can be hard to take my foot off the gas for a day that does not involve rain. In the Louisville, KY area, we see our fair share of all four seasons. Sometimes during ridiculously hot and long days, the thought of a cold, winter-weekend day doing absolutely nothing is what keeps us going, but that doesn’t mean we continue on and ignore healthy habits. Proper education and reminders throughout the year have been vital for me and everyone involved at ADC Paving.

Rain days can be treated as days of rest, but even as little as three of four days in a row of sweltering heat can cripple any paving company if not properly respected. When we see those hot spells in the forecast, we address it in our morning meetings. Part of our culture shift over the last few years has been to hold everyone accountable for everyone at all times, and this certainly cannot stop at the weather. It is a blessing to have work lined up but even more of one to have a solid crew who takes pride in their work.

Keeping an eye on the weekly weather reports, proper scheduling, healthy hydration (water, Gatorade, and vitamin waters), and breaks in the shade are essential for maintaining efforts for an entire year. For asphalt paving contractors, construction crews, or any work completed outside while drenched in sweat, hydration and rest are non-negotiable. Reminding yourself of the signs of a problem is a good first step, especially if you’re tired and in the heat. For information about staying cool, staying hydrated, heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and warning signs along with Louisville, Kentucky specific resources, see the link below.

Take Care of your crews,

-ADC Paving

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