Digital Organization for Asphalt Paving Companies

Whether you choose to admit it or not, technology makes growing a business easier. Areas of your life are abundant where technology is a pain in the ass. Digital password resets, unrecognized user errors, internet speeds, and frozen computer screens can make you want to open a window and toss that modern marvel as far as possible. Just the amount of programs and resources can be overwhelming but finding systems that enable effective communication between your team and your clients are vital for financial and interpersonal growth.

Today I thought I would write about processes and two programs that have worked for us as a local paving company since our change to enhanced digital solutions began a few years ago. These items are for enabling better communication. There has been plenty of trial and error, but we have seen results in customer satisfaction, company organization, and turn-around speed.

The first and pivotal step I wanted to take in our digital rehabilitation was to make files available for all managing members of the ADC Paving team. Instant access to documents, proposals, notes, photos, and videos would reduce hassle. We tried sharing email threads, handwritten notes, and community file cabinets, but essential items and thoughts were either physically lost or lost in translation. Paper and pen were an acceptable method, at best, for years. As we began to grow and take on additional salespeople and expand our marketing efforts, paper-filing was no longer sustainable. Even when we started saving digital copies of valuable items, only one person in the company might have access.

Microsoft OneDrive has been a reliable file-sharing solution for us. Having files accessible and granting access to people within our company who might utilize the data has been a profitable time-saver. The number of emails, calls, and texts interrupting a foreman’s or manager’s day has been greatly reduced. Management now knows where to go for a specific proposal, project photos, notes for current leads, or something as simple as our official company logo. Each team member has access to their digital file system and can share it with team members and clients.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that clients have access to our files, but if an employee wants to pull up previous work, aerial photos, or supporting documents, they can. After some practice, putting a proposal together or looking up information can become a speedy process. Also, referencing sources or looking up historical data on a specific client or project has been more accessible.

The second piece of software that we have been utilizing is Go iPave. (I want say upfront that this company has not approached me to promote them in any way.) Go iPave has been a tremendous digital next-step in the sales and proposal process. At the very least, it is a dedicated platform for taking and keeping measurements, analyzing materials, and assisting in the overall proposal creation process. It gives our clients a better chance of understanding our proposed method, phasing, and pricing while being a consistent resource for our sales team and office staff.

Both Microsoft OneDrive and Go iPave will take some getting used to and, yes, cause a little frustration at first. These may not be the best asphalt paving solutions for you, but I encourage you to test out highly reviewed programs that could improve your digital processes. The sooner you explore that next potential step in digital technology, the better your chances are to get that next job and achieve overall financial growth in the commercial paving industry.

Take Care,

-ADC Paving

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