Paving Central Kentucky is not only a Goal, It’s a Dream

As someone raised in Woodford Co, there isn’t a better day on the job than when we get to pave and meet with the residents, horse farm owners, business owners, and properties managers who live or work in Central Kentucky. It is truly a dream of mine for ADC Paving to work outside of the city and into the rolling fields. The people and the views are hard to beat and we are excited to tell everyone that, both financially and from a peace-of-mind standpoint, Central Kentucky is a place we are now equipped to serve and are making it our goal to be the most dependable, reputable, and consistent paving company in the area.

What’s wrong with the paving companies in Central Kentucky? Nothing, but I grew up around machines and road equipment and have always paid attention when road work was being completed. As someone who loves cars, it pains me to think about restoring or buying a new car only to purchase a poor asphalt job shortly after. The asphalt’s edges are rarely set property and the driveways and connecting farm roads look like someone simply dropped different amounts of asphalt on the ground and rolled over it. There are no straight lines. Material is everywhere and is often laid way too thin.

So it isn’t necessarily about the paving contractors in Central KY; it’s about the reputation of paving contractors everywhere. For years, this industry has gotten away with shoddy work, a lack of professionalism, and a lack of responsiveness if something goes wrong.

So why not just live and conduct business in Central Kentucky? Life has a strange way of determining your path, and when my wife and I decided to purchase her grandfather’s company, we were embarking on a journey for not only my household but for family tradition as well. I began to work with ADC in 2009, and my wife and I decided to purchase the company after her aunt first fell ill in 2011. If we did not buy the company, it would be sold, or the doors would be shut for good. As I said, I have always loved construction. To carry on the family legacy, serve the area I love most, and have my sons now experiencing both has been my dream since my first opportunity.

We are very excited to be serving Central Kentucky and look forward to speaking with you about any pavement or pavement maintenance needs for your large driveways, farms or horse farms, business lots, or properties.

We will be at the Versailles Twilight Festival in Woodford County as part of our celebration and reintroduction to the area. Come see our family! We look forward to seeing you there!

Date: Saturday September 25, 2021

Time: 3:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Location: Main St. Downtown Versailles, KY

Information about the Festival:

Kevin Gray

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