Speaking at National Pavement Expo in Charlotte (and what we will cover)

I could not be more thrilled to have been asked by the National Pavement Expo to lead a class on Marketing. It has been a goal of mine to educate and share our learnings beyond the walls at ADC Paving, and to lead a class is truly an opportunity I am not taking lightly. Joining me for the class will be Phil Metzger, the content creator creator for our ADC Brand, to explain the theory and action steps behind the three year marketing plan that took us from a middle of the pack asphalt paving business to the top brand (that does not own a quarry) in our mid-major market.

National Pavement Expo brings vendors and contractors together who make their living from asphalt and concrete paving, sealcoating, striping, sweeping, crack repair, pavement repair, and snow removal to network with other paving professionals and attend industry workshops.” (NPE website)

We went as a crew to the Pavement Expo in Nashville in 2020 and had a great time. My crews took various courses in field management, paving techniques, and sealcoat applications. The class sizes have varied in the past, but regardless the platform or class si we look to bring data and strategies that will have a lasting impact on you as the leader of an asphalt paving company you care so much about.”

We are going to cover a lot in our 90 minute session, so grab a leader in your company that believes in your mission and come ready to learn. This session should be perfect for asphalt paving business owners and leaders who are looking for the following:

  • Ideas on how to build your company for your ideal local market

  • Methods to improve company strengths to find better customers

  • A basic understanding of content marketing

  • A first or stronger social media strategy and presence

  • Dialogue about shaping their work culture and the benefits

  • More purpose to their daily leadership

  • The benefits of Culture, Marketing, and Operations working together

  • Plus more…

There is much more to come beyond this presentation but this is a truly unique opportunity for Phil and I to share that goes beyond social media posts, blogs, and videos. We look forward to meeting you if you can join us at the National Pavement expo in Charlotte, NC.

Here are the details:

National Pavement Expo

Charlotte, NC ~ Charlotte Convention Center

February 23, 2022 – February 26, 2022

Our Class: “Video and Values: How Documentary-Style Marketing Changed my Business”

Class day/time: Thursday, Feb 24th 1:00 – 2:30pm

Prices: varies depending on how close to date of event you purchase

Link to National Pavement Expo Website: https://nationalpavementexpo.com/

Link to Tickets: https://nationalpavementexpo.com/attendee/register-to-attend/

Change starts with the leader and we will continue to provide those leaders in the paving industry information that we have found helpful in our business and in the businesses we look to help. If you would like to be notified of future reports, findings, industry thoughts and discussions, sign up for our newsletter:

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Thank you to the National Pavement Expo for this opportunity and we look forward to meeting and talking shop with those who can attend.

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