Asphalt Installation

Asphalt is an excellent paving option for driveways and parking lots that require a durable, cost-effective, and attractive surface. Quality asphalt installation requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure high-quality, long-lasting pavement. In Louisville KY, ADC Paving is the local asphalt company with the experience and skills to install beautiful and durable asphalt parking lots, driveways, and more.

Quality Asphalt Installation in Louisville KY: ADC Paving

  • Why Choose Asphalt

    Asphalt is a popular choice for driveways and parking lots for several reasons. First, it is a durable and long-lasting material that can withstand heavy traffic. Additionally, asphalt installation is cost-effective because it’s less expensive to install and maintain compared to other pavement types. Asphalt is also a versatile material that can be customized with different colors and textures to suit a range of aesthetic preferences, making it ideal for residential pavement too. Finally, asphalt is an environmentally friendly paving choice as it is a recyclable material that can be reused multiple times. Choose ADC for Asphalt resurfacing, asphalt repair and asphalt maintenance.

  • ADC Paving’s Asphalt Installation Process

    The installation process for asphalt pavement typically involves several steps.

    • First, the site is surveyed and excavated to prepare the base for the asphalt layer, making sure the pavement will have proper drainage.
    • The subgrade is then compacted to provide a solid foundation for the pavement.
    • Next, a layer of the aggregate base material is added and compacted to further reinforce the subgrade.
    • After that, a layer of hot asphalt mix is spread over the aggregate base and compacted with heavy machinery to form the pavement surface.
    • Once the asphalt has been leveled and compacted, it is left to cool and cure, which allows the pavement to harden and gain strength.
    • Finally, pavement markings and signs are added to the surface of commercial asphalt to provide clear instructions for drivers and pedestrians. Additional services like concrete paving can finish off parking lots with curbs and parking bumpers. Asphalt driveways can also have decorative borders paved in concrete or other paving materials.

ADC Paving: Asphalt Installation Professionals in Louisville KY

ADC Paving is the best asphalt installation contractor in Kentucky. Our extensive experience in the industry combined with a proven track record of providing high-quality pavement solutions to clients in Kentucky and beyond. The team at ADC Paving is made up of skilled professionals.  Rest assured we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver exceptional results. We have you covered from initial consultation through to project completion.

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