Asphalt Paving

Whether you’re a homeowner who needs a new asphalt driveway or a business owner needing a new parking lot, quality asphalt paving services are vital for the beauty and value of your property. The asphalt installation process requires specialized equipment, trained professionals, and attention to detail to ensure a quality final product, so all asphalt paving services need to be performed by a reputable paving contractor.

ADC Paving: Asphalt Paving Experts in Louisville KY

For the highest quality asphalt paving in Louisville KY, ADC Paving is the paving contractor that local homeowners, business owners, and property management firms trust for their asphalt paving needs, whether that’s resurfacing a residential driveway or paving a large commercial parking lot.

All About Asphalt Paving for Kentucky Property Owners

Benefits of Asphalt

  • Asphalt pavement offers several benefits as a popular choice for road and pavement construction.
  • Asphalt is a cost-effective option that is less expensive to install and maintain compared to other pavement types.
  • It is also durable and can withstand heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions, making it a long-lasting choice.
  • Asphalt is also a sustainable paving option as it is a recyclable material that can be reused multiple times.

Our Advanced Asphalt Installation Process

Asphalt installation is a process that involves several steps to ensure a smooth and long-lasting pavement. First, the area is cleared of any debris and leveled to ensure proper drainage. Next, a base layer of crushed stone is installed and compacted to provide a stable foundation. The thickness of the base layer is determined by the soil condition and expected traffic load. After the base layer, a layer of hot mix asphalt is applied and spread evenly using specialized equipment. This layer is then compacted to ensure a smooth surface and proper density. Finally, a top layer of finer asphalt mix is applied and compacted to create a smooth and visually appealing finish.

Asphalt Damage & Pavement Repairs

  • Surface Deterioration & Sealcoating – Due to exposure to UV rays, moisture, and temperature changes, the pavement surface can break down. Asphalt sealcoating services restore this surface layer.
  • Cracks & Crack Filling – Cracks form due to pressure and deterioration, but crack sealing services fill in cracks with quality asphalt products and keep them from getting worse.
  • Pothole Repairs – Potholes form when cracks connect and damage goes into the asphalt substrate. Potholes are repaired by cleaning out damaged asphalt and replacing it with new pavement.

For the best asphalt paving services in Louisville KY, ADC Paving is the company to trust with decades of experience in the paving industry and a local reputation for excellence. If you’re ready to improve your Kentucky property with new asphalt, contact us for a no-obligation consultation today!

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